Our RiderCoaches

Certified by The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Excited to Help You Learn to Ride!


Owner, Lead RiderCoach, and Range Manager at Tri-City Cycle 

My name is Piper (that's my last name but my first name is usually too hard for people to say). I am the owner and one of the RiderCoaches here at Clutch Motorcycle School. I'm a Colorado native and live in Lyons with my family and our four little dogs. What makes me happy: riding motorcycles, hot coffee, teaching people how to ride, iced coffee, spending time with my family, lukewarm coffee, spending time with friends, more coffee, dry humor, vanilla lattes, and live music.

I've had the privilege of traveling around the country with an organization called 'Ride With Us' which gives moto curious people their first opportunity to ride a motorcycle. Here at home, I'm involved in the Colorado State MOST program serving as a board member and participating on many of their committees. Clutch was honored with the Colorado Vendor of the Year Award in 2022. 

If you're interested in hearing my raspy voice on a more regular basis, you can find me co-hosting the TRO (The Riding Obsession) podcast with my good friends, Robin Dean, Tim Clarke, and Travis Burleson. We talk about all things riding and motorcycles and we laugh a bunch. 


Lead RiderCoach and Range Manager at Thunder Mountain

My name is Julie and I am a motorcycle enthusiast! I spent 41 years living in Anchorage, Alaska where I raised my four boys.  Attracted by the opportunity to ride year-round, I moved to the Rocky Mountains in 2018 and shipped my black, Harley-Davidson Deluxe (“Pearl”) here to Colorado. When I am not riding, I enjoy interior decorating, gardening and spending time with my Shih-Tzu, Bruno, and keeping in touch with my nine grandkids!!!  I love spreading the joy of riding through coaching.  As a lady rider, I also value working with women and being able to build their confidence through teaching them safe riding skills. I love sharing my passion for motorcycles and seeing “the light come on” with all new riders.



Hey there, my name is Carli and I'm a Colorado native. I bought my first bike and started riding in early 2022. I also finished my instructor training course at the end of the same year. To say that I've been bit by the moto bug would be an understatement. My love for motorcycles started when I was a little girl riding on the back of my dad's bike and always dreamt of having my own someday. Now I'm finally living that dream with my Yamaha MT-07! When I'm not riding or coaching, I enjoy painting, training jiu jitsu, salsa and swing dancing (but never at the same time), and movie watching. 

Dave S.


I’m Dave, I am a Colorado native and I have lived and worked in almost all areas of the state. I grew up in the mountains and started riding motorcycles when I was 12. Over the years I’ve had multiple bikes ranging from motocross bikes to full dress touring street bikes. Currently my passion is touring on my BMW, and riding all 50 states. So far I have rode from Maryland west and some of Canada! I’m a retired State Trooper and wanted to get into coaching as a way to meet people who enjoy riding motorcycles, as well as show them with good training and a good mindset. You can keep yourself safe in a lot of situations and over a lot of miles. When I’m not riding, I enjoy camping, ATV riding and spending time with my wife and kids.



After years of motorcycle curiosity, I finally took an MSF Basic RiderCourse and bought my first bike in 1994. In 1997, I moved to Colorado in search of better rock climbing and found motorcycle heaven. Also, amazing rock climbing (but that's a different story). Other hobbies and activities have come and gone since then but motorcycling in some form has been a constant. Over the years I've discovered (and loved) long distance touring, commuting, sidecars, dual sport riding, and coaching. I love learning, teaching, and sharing my passion for riding.



I got a 125 Yamaha when I was 12 to keep up with my best friend. With a driver’s license, I was off, and I’ve had a dozen bikes since.  I currently ride a BMW R1150GS, venturing near & far, paved or not.  For the past 25 years, my wife & I have raised our 4 kids and enjoyed everything Colorado offers, including lots of riding.  I’ve always loved to learn new things, which pushes me to expand my boundaries as a rider.   During my career, I’ve found that I love to share my passions and enjoy teaching as much as learning.  I’ve attended several MSF training events and long thought of being a coach.  The timing finally seems right for me to share that passion in a formal way and I'm thrilled that Clutch MC School is providing me the opportunity to help others gain the skills and confidence to go out and make their own motorcycle dreams come true.