The Basic RiderCourse2 (BRC2) 

Ride regularly but need to get your endorsement? Moved to Colorado from another State and your motorcycle endorsement didn't transfer? Already endorsed but would like to brush up on your skills? The BRC2 is just what you're looking for!


Successful completion of our 1-day course will provide you with everything you need to get a motorcycle endorsement on your license. We encourage you to bring your own motorcycle but in the case that you need to use one of ours, one will be provided at no additional cost.

Basic RiderCourse2 (BRC2)

The BRC2 is for riders who already possess basic riding skills. This course is similar to the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) except that speeds are higher, you are allowed to ride your own motorcycle, and the course is just 1 day.

This is an excellent opportunity to save yourself the hassle of getting pulled over without an endorsement. It is also a great class for riders who are already endorsed but would like to sharpen their skills to become better, safer riders. 

Here are the highlights:

    • You'll practice skills such as shifting, low-speed control, quick stops, swerving, and more.
    • You can bring¬†your own motorcycle or use one of ours, and we will provide you with a full-face Arai helmet at no additional cost.¬†
    • The course includes a 4-hour online eCourse (ePackage2) and 6 hours of training on a motorcycle.
    • Your successful completion¬†of this course provides you with a completion card that¬†you will need to take to the DMV to get the motorcycle endorsement on your license or permit. No DMV testing required.¬†


      The 9 Riding Exercises in the Course

      The exercises include:

      1. Control at low speed (entry exercise).
      2. Stopping straight in a turn.
      3. Stopping more quickly & tight turns from a stop.
      4. Stopping in a curve.
      5. Multiple curves & lane changes.
      6. Limited space maneuvers.
      7. Low-speed decreasing radius curves.
      8. Swerving.
      9. Skills practice.

      To participate you should have sufficient riding skills and experiences to operate a motorcycle with basic proficiency. If you bring your own motorcycle, you must provide proof of license and insurance. Additionally, your motorcycle must pass a T-CLOCS inspection.

      What You Need to Know

      • Pre-requisites:
        • You are able to ride a motorcycle.¬†
        • Possess either a valid driver's license or learner's permit.
      • What to Expect
        • 4-hour online eCourse (ePackage2) and¬†6 hours of training on a motorcycle.
        • eCourse registration fee is included in the cost of the class. Upon receipt of payment, your eCourse login credentials will be emailed to you.
        • Range exercises include low-speed maneuvers and skills such as shifting, accelerating, braking, cornering, U-turns, and lane changes.
        • You‚Äôll receive individual RiderCoach feedback while you learn new skills.
        • We encourage you to bring your own motorcycle, but if you are unable to do so, one will be provided.
        • Types and/or models of motorcycles available vary by site. Your RiderCoach will help you with which training bike is best for you based on your height, weight or preferred riding style.
      • What to bring
        • Food/beverages for lunch.
        • Water bottle.
      • What you¬†MUST¬†wear in order to ride:
        • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket (no rips, or holes).
        • Jeans (no rips, no holes).
        • Over-the-ankle boots or shoes (sturdy, not canvas).
        • Eye protection/sunglasses.
        • Full-finger gloves, leather preferred.¬†
        • Full-face¬†helmet (provided by Clutch Motorcycle School).

      The course concludes with a classroom knowledge test and hands-on riding skill evaluation. 


      There are benefits to taking a RiderCourse besides learning important skills and strategies: You don't have to get a permit through the DMV prior to taking a course and since you take both the written test and the riding evaluation with us, you won't need to take any further tests at the DMV. In addition, your insurance company may provide a discount on your insurance. Be sure to ask your agent.

      Find additional frequently asked questions in our FAQ section.