FAIL Insurance

"First Attempt In Learning"

What is it and do I need it?

We are your partners in success! With highly trained MSF and MOST Certified RiderCoaches, quality motorcycles, outstanding customer experiences, and an emphasis on having fun, we pride ourselves on your wins.

However, there are times where even after giving it your best shot; test anxiety, your current emotional state, not getting enough sleep, or a million other reasons might keep you from successfully passing your class. Protect the cost of your enrollment fee by purchasing our optional FAIL Insurance. This insurance will cover the cost of retesting or retaking the class if you do not pass it the first time, without incurring any additional fees.

We also understand that life happens; your dog eats your socks, your kid gets Covid, you get a last minute call into work, or a flat tire on the way to class. As a bonus, FAIL Insurance also protects the cost of your enrollment fee if something unexpected happens before your class starts that keeps you from attending, by allowing you to reschedule without incurring any additional fees.

PLEASE READ the fine print: 

  • FAIL Insurance is non-refundable and non-transferable and can only be purchased at the time of enrollment when you pay for your class.
  • FAIL Insurance will cover the cost associated with retesting or retaking a class (Basic RiderCourse or Basic RiderCourse 2) up to one-time.
  • FAIL Insurance is voided if you are late or no-call/no show for your class for any reason. You must call, text, or email our office and¬†leave a message¬†if you are unable to attend your class. Failure to contact our office prior to your class start time will void the FAIL Insurance.
  • FAIL Insurance is voided if you voluntarily leave or sit out of any scheduled class activity for any reason.
  • FAIL Insurance is voided for any inappropriate speech and/or behavior during class as determined by your RiderCoach.
  • FAIL Insurance is voided if you are dismissed from class for failure to bring a required State issued ID or required clothing as described in the student agreement.
  • FAIL Insurance will cover one additional class (Basic RiderCourse or Basic RiderCourse 2) if your performance is not meeting the requirements of the curriculum as determined by your RiderCoach leading to your dismissal.
  • FAIL Insurance benefits expire one year after the purchase date.

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