Clutch Motorcycle School

Which Course is Right for Me?

The Basic Course

If you have never ridden before, this 2-day course is the place to start. We provide the motorcycle and helmet, and successful completion of the course will get you your motorcycle license.


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The Intermediate Course (BRC2)

If you already know the basics of riding or maybe you used to ride and are now getting back into it, this 1-day class is the one for you. You can bring your own motorcycle or you can rent one of ours. Successful completion will get you your motorcycle license.

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Basic Bike Bonding

This course is for those who already ride and have their motorcycle permit or license who want to increase their confidence and comfort with riding at low-speed. You'll ride one of our motorcycles in this half-day class. No tests, no classroom.

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Ultimate Bike Bonding

This course is for experienced riders who already have their motorcycle permit or license. Ultimate Bike Bonding focusses on "limited space maneuvers" similar to police-style training. You'll ride your own motorcycle in this half-day class. No tests, no classroom.

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Want to get out on the road with trained professionals who teach you while you're riding in the "real world?" Then this course is for you! We'll take you on a full day of riding through some of Colorado's most beautiful roads. 

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Private Lessons

Whether you bring your own or want to use one of our motorcycles, private lessons are provided by our senior coaches. From a 2 hour session to a full day of instruction, our 1-on-1 coaching will focus on what you want to master.

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3-Wheel Basic Course

If you want to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle, this course is the place to start. This 2-day course includes both classroom and on-range instruction giving you comfort with a 3-wheeler, whether a traditional trike (one wheel in front), or "reverse" trike (two wheels in front).

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