Streetmasters Cornering Workshop

Already a licensed and experienced rider looking to master cornering? Streetmasters is the way to go.

The Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop

Through a special arrangement between Clutch Motorcycle School and Streetmasters, we are bringing this advanced level training to Colorado! Clutch is the only school in the state offering this program. 

Watch the video on this page for more information.


What is Streetmasters?

Have you ever found yourself riding through a sweeping turn, but instead of one smooth turn, you seem to be making a bunch of partial turns?
Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a curve, it starts to get tighter, and now you’re going too fast?
Have you ever found yourself braking too late for a corner? Too early?
Are you running wide (over the centerline in a left turn or over the fog line in a right turn)?

Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops can help you correct these issues and many more by taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Founded in 2004, the primary goal of Streetmasters is to equip motorcyclists with the tools and techniques needed to be relaxed, confident, and comfortable in the twistys. To accomplish this, we modify the “classic” path of travel through a corner which gives you more options to safely negotiate the curves.

Your overall riding safety and enjoyment will improve. You’ll benefit from mastering:

  • Smooth control of throttle, clutch, shifting, and braking
  • Successfully negotiating heavy traffic conditions
  • Low-speed tight U-turns

Want your passenger to increase their comfort and enjoyment on the back? Have them join you when taking our course.