Basic Bike Bonding

Already know how to ride, but want to master your motorcycle in those slow-speed maneuvers?


Just finished a BasicCourse or are you a seasoned rider? 

This course is for those who already ride and have their motorcycle permit or license who want to increase their confidence and comfort with riding at low-speed. You'll ride one of our motorcycles in this half-day class. No tests, no classroom, just tons of fun!

What Will I Do in Basic Bike Bonding?

This one-day course (5 hours) will improve your basic riding and bike handling skills, to include:

  • Smooth and precise use of the motorcycle controls
  • Making physical riding skills automatic - allowing more attention to be spent on traffic
  • Being prepared to handle normal traffic and street-riding scenarios

There is no classroom session and no tests to take and we provide a motorcycle for you!

You'll increase the precision of your riding so you can put your bike where you want, when you want, everytime!

We'll emphasize smooth control operation, body position, and visual directional control.

What are the Course Requirements?

Riders should have successfully completed a Basic Course or have enough riding skill and experience to operate a bike with a basic level of proficiency.

Students must have a valid motorcycle permit or endorsement.

Students must provide their own required protective gear to include:

  • Shatter-resistant eye protection
  • Sturdy boots or shoes that go above the ankle bone (non-canvas)
  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket (no holes, no rips)
  • Jeans (no holes, no rips)
  • Full fingered gloves, preferably leather